My wife had been trying to get me to go to yoga with her for at least fifteen years.  I tried several times but was always underwhelmed, until... there was Liz (Raven).  She changed my life, all for the better, just by doing what she loves to do.  Now I get my wife to go to yoga with me.  Here's what has been different with Liz.  She is not only extremely knowledgeable in her art, but she can clearly articulate or describe it and patiently observe if you get it.  On top of that, she genuinely cares about her students.  There's nothing superficial or perfunctory about her.  I glow after every session (they are all too short).  And I apply her insights to almost everything else I do like mountain biking, swimming, paddle boarding and weight lifting.  I have sampled some other teachers recommended by Liz, but I'll always be back.  Thanks, Raven!
~Jim G.
I've practiced yoga for 20 years now and Liz is at the top of my list of favorite instructors. When in her class I feel that she has given every single move thought and nothing is wasted. I completely trust her to lead me and my body on a journey that is safe, interesting and enriching. At the end of class I feel as though I've had a full body massage. But even better, the next day I feel the good kind of muscle soreness that tells me I've had a great workout as well. While some may find her class deceptively easy, you really get out of it what you put in. If you listen to her clear instructions, you will be able to go to a deep level and access muscles that build strength. It may take time to get there but it is so worth it. I like that I always learn new things in her class and my practice continues to deepen as I go. I always look forward to attending her class. It never feels like a chore, rather it is a must for me and I feel "out of sorts" when I can't attend. Her classes are the main reason I continue my membership at Berkeley Ironworks. I've even started going to Great Western because she teaches more classes there. I feel I will follow her wherever she goes if possible.  
~Dori M. 
Liz Raven is a most excellent yoga teacher!  I consider myself extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her.  I have taken yoga from a number of instructors in the past and never experienced such grounded, sensitive and compassionate instruction.   She is very accomplished herself and also extremely tuned in to the needs and levels of ability of each student in the room.  She is well balanced at all levels and I find that this helps create an atmosphere of calm safety, conducive to experiencing my own body/mind/spirit and it's immediate needs and challenges.  Liz has the ability to be both crystal clear and entirely present in her direction-giving.  I love studying with Liz  and now understand why people find and follow their own teachers. I would gladly to recommend Liz to any studio, any group of people, any individual for yoga training!  She is a delight!    
~Katie B.
If I could sum up Raven's teaching style in one word, that word would be welcoming.  From the moment I set foot in her class her warm greetings and inquiries about my health made me feel comfortable to begin what would become a lasting relationship with Yoga.  True to the sense of the word, she not only welcomes her students, but also the joys, difficulties, and internal revelations found in committed practice.  There is always a pleasant air about Raven's practices, a certain warmth that is always there providing silent encouragement to step deeper into the practice.  As a former NFL linebacker I found Yoga to be a part of the antidote for a post-career often fraught with stiffness, pain, and degeneration.  Raven has been and will continue to be my guide in exploring this amazing discipline.   
~Pasha J.
Raven has been my yoga teacher for several years because she is clear about what she asks us to do, and she always has alternatives for times when we have a physical difficulty with a pose. Our class always brings me to a better and more comfortable space. That's a wonderful gift, because we meet in the middle of a stressful day at work.  
~Sue E.
I have taken many yoga classes over the past several years.  Over that time, I have had many instructors, but Liz Raven is the first instructor that I have ever stayed with consistently for over a year.  I have stayed with Raven because, for the first time in all of those years, I finally feel that I have a solid foundation in yoga due to Raven's teachings.  Her instructions are clear and she is always mindful of her students' impairments.  Raven is an excellent instructor.     
~Arleen K.
I have been taking Raven's yoga classes for the past two years and believe that her instruction has helped me invite yoga in as a deeper, necessary presence in my life.  She guided me past a yoga practice with a fitness mentality, showing me the much deeper practice of exploring therealm of my own mind and body. I am a teacher also, and I admire in her the ability to guide others with clear, articulate directions, relevant story-telling, and vibrant metaphors.She is a compassionate, friendly guru, who approaches every one of her students with authenticity.     
~Kristin K.,
At the end of each yoga class with Raven, I reflect on how beautifully and seemingly effortlessly she balances the different aspects of yoga in her teaching. Breathing, bodywork, meditation, chanting, and relaxation are all integrated in a harmonious way which leaves me feeling both rejuvenated and relaxed.  I SO look forward to Raven’s class each week, where I know that for an hour and a half I will be in a safe haven, experiencing the journey of my mind and body. I am grateful for Raven’s dedication, knowledge, guidance, calm energy, and humor!  
~Debbie W.
Raven makes me want to wake up early, and for me that's a big deal. I feel exercised, challenged, relaxed, and restored after class with Raven. She has a very good knowledge of anatomy and how our bodies move and function, which brings a helpful and purposeful aspect to her teaching that compliments the moments, which are filled with spirit and depth. She has a calm strength that comes across and makes for a perfectly balanced class. Raven is an excellent yoga teacher.   
~Esti F.
Having Raven as my teacher for the past several years has tremendously enhanced my yoga practice.  She is a patient, gentle and knowledgeable teacher.  I appreciate how she breaks poses down to their elemental components so that my body can feel properly aligned.  Raven does an excellent job in exploring yoga's relevance by connecting ancient writings with contemporary issues.     
~Sue M.